Beauty Industry Expert Jaye ReneeOccasionally when you tell someone that you are a speaker, they ask what you speak about!  Naturally, of course!

Primarily I speak to Beauty Industry Businesses all with the goal of increasing profits but I understand that money isn’t everything, well at least on the surface.  For instance there are times when I’m called upon to create and lead team building exercises.  These exercises do not directly increase profits but when you have better communication and coordination amongst the professionals that work within your business the natural result is greater profits and a better bottom line.

There are times where you as a product manufacture, distributor, salon owner or brand owner will hire new talent and you happen to find a diamond-in-the-rough that really understands customer service, sales strategies, best business practices and the importance of follow-up amongst other things.  You find yourself an all-star talent and wish the you could take them and make copies, don’t you?  Well, you may not have the time, understanding or patience to make those copies but I do!

Understand that while some may have a professional talent, it takes a whole other set of skills to be able to truly benefit from that talent in business.  If you are the business owner that employs a professional “talent” like this, chances are you do not have the time, skills or patience to give your professionals the additional skills they need in order to get the most out of them.

As a speaker, I create systems and educate your team so that they can better execute their roll as a member of your team.  YOUR job is to have the vision.  You need to spend your time where it is most valuable and where it will most grow your businesses.  Sales and team building may not be your expertise and that’s ok.  That’s why I’m here.

There are many beauty events held through out the country in any given month.  If you are an event planner for beauty industry events you know that it can be tough finding a speaker that can not only engage your audience but also deliver quality information to your guests and constituents.  With a vast knowledge of the needs of beauty professionals and what it takes to bring sales, I enjoy speaking to audiences large and small at such events.

I can go on and on but I will stop here.  What do I speak about?  I speak on things that matter to you and your audience.

Ready make your next event unforgettable!  I’m  available for presentations, seminars,  hands-on trainings as well as workshops and breakout sessions.  Contact me today and let’s discuss your options.

On occasion I speak to Professional Beauty Schools and Beauty Organizations free of charge.  Contact me and let’s discuss possibilities.


“In the real world no one wants to hear empty rhetoric, they want to know if you have a plan.” -Jaye

Other speaking topics include but are not limit to:

Beauty Industry Based

• Get More Clients & Keep them for life
• Super Staff-Secrets to Getting Your Staff on Board with Your Vision
• Re-Occurring Income-Cha-Ching on Auto-pilot
• The Most Profitable Hands in the World
• Developing Your Most Profitable Image
• How to Dominate Your Specialty

Women’s Motivation

• Saving Super Woman-How to Get Everything Done with No Sweat
• Work it Like a Boss- Work Life Balance
• Womb-Man-Birthing Your Greatness

Sales Training

• Move to the Top of Your Industry Where No Competition Can Touch Your
• How to Craft Your Message for Your Chosen Market & The Best Vehicle for Getting Your Message Across
• How to Get Your Clients to Spend More Money with You
• The Pre-sale, Sale & Post-Sale Processes-Maximize Your Profits by Finding Hidden Opportunities in Each Process
• Automatic Selling Machines & How to Create Them


• Profit Magnets-How to Use Them to Draw Money to You
• Auto-pilot Marketing Madness
• Brand Building-Developing & Building Your Brand

For information in regards to having me speak to your organization us the information email me at: Jaye@JayeRenee.com