Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee’ Shares the 80/20 Rule for Beauty Businesses

An Observation Found Practically Everywhere From Economics, To Sports and Even Science is Also Found Be True In Beauty Industry Businesses

WASHINGTON – June 15, 2017 — Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee’, says that the theory used in many aspects of economics and business can also be applied to beauty industry businesses for the benefit of beauty professionals.

It’s no secret that you can do better in business when you know exactly where to focus your time, talent and attention and according to the beauty guru the 80/20 “rule” shows you how to do just that and has created a video showing beauty pros just how to use it for maximum benefit.

“Beauty industry professionals often get into trouble with time and resource management. It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed with too much on our plates.” Jaye says. “When this happens our business suffers, either from our resources being spread too thin or not allocating time where we should. For proper business growth beauty professionals need to understand how to properly manage both and the 80/20 rule can help with that.”

The 80/20 Rule is also known as Pareto’s Principle. The theory observed in 1906 by Italian economist, Vinifredo Pareto, was initially found to illustrate that 20 percent of the population owned 80 percent of the town’s resources. Over time, it was found to be largely true in various aspects of economics, business, sports, etc. The theory states that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. Jaye Renee’ shares how this theory relates to and affects beauty businesses and professionals and can be viewed here:

About Jaye Renee’

Jaye Renee’ is a recognized Beauty Industry Expert, sought after author of The 6 Figure Stylist(TM)-Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design, speaker and consultant who has been seen in/or on USA Today, Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, International Business Times, CBS and more. She is often called upon to gain insight on the purpose and the inner workings of the beauty industry as it relates to various events, stories and situations both inside and outside of the beauty realm. Jaye also enjoys being a coach and educator to beauty industry professionals. She can be found at and