Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee Asks What Kind of Beauty Business Do You Want?

Beauty Expert Jaye Renee’ writes a thought provoking piece for those interested in becoming beauty industry professionals.

WASHINGTON – May 6, 2017– Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee’ writes a thought provoking piece for current and potential beauty professionals. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that continutes to grow, year-after-year. Given the breadth and depth of the industry Jaye Renee’ states that the possiblies are virtually endless for those looking to get involved or grow within it.

Jaye’s new article allows those interested in the industry to think critically about not only what is possible but also what kind of business would work for each individual for the greatest chance of success.

“The beauty of the beauty industry itself is that there are so many ways to participate in it. You can be a practioner who is actively hands-on or you can be a commentator, documenting what’s in and what’s hot. It’s incredible to be apart of an industry that allows you the opportunity to create a career based on your specific talent, goals and schedule.” Jaye Renee’ states. “The key is to be realistic about what you want out of your business and also about what you are willing to put into it.”

As technology changes, more and more jobs will become obsolete, many of those jobs are in the service industry. The nature of the beauty industry protects itself from being prone to job loss in a way that other industries will be affected, as a result more and more people looking for steady employment and financial freedom will turn to it.

The time has never been better for those interested in becoming a beauty professional or have a beauty business, the great aspects of technology makes the cost of entry lower and allows for greater flexibility. So, the question is according to Jaye Renee’ is, “What kind of beauty business do you want?”

Jaye Renee’ is a recognized Beauty Industry Expert, sought after author of The 6 Figure Stylist(TM)-Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design, speaker and consultant who has been seen in/or on USA Today, Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, International Business Times, CBS and more. She is often called upon to gain insight on the purpose and the inner workings of the beauty industry as it relates to various events, stories and situations both inside and outside of the beauty realm. Jaye also enjoys being a coach and educator to beauty industry professionals. She can be found at and