Beauty Expert Jaye Renee’ Releases New Book That Puts the Service Back in Customer Service in the Beauty Industry


Beauty industry expert and founder of, Jaye Renee’s releases a new book that breaks the conventional beliefs on what really fuels the desire of the beauty industry’s consumers. The book is guaranteed to change the conversation surrounding the industry and gives professionals an insider look at how the industry has changed while reminding them of what their customers really want and how to deliver that to them.
Compiling information that ranges from “How to Get All the Clients You Want” to “Understanding Why they Buy”, The 6 Figure Stylist(TM)-Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design is a must read for anyone with an interest in the workings of the beauty industry, what it takes to be successful in it and what is needed from it today.
Eager to restore confidence in what she believes is one of the best industries in the world, author Jaye Renee’ reveals how things have changed in this market, why they have changed and what is needed to thrive where many today are failing. The revolutionary yet easy to read book helps to anticipate, understand and deliver the wants and needs of their customers and is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and retailers everywhere.
About Doll Face Marketing
Doll Face Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that connects businesses to their target consumer audiences with a specialty in working with the beauty industry, providing training and resources to professional beauty associations, product manufacturers, hair salons and professionals.
About Jaye Renee’
Jaye Renee’ is a leading authority on the beauty industry and how it effects the lives of everyone, even those who feel far removed from it. With a mission to provide an unparalleled understanding of what drives consumers and how the industry itself can build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


Jaye Renee’