Mahisha Dellinger Founder and CEO of CURLS (R) Joins Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee’ on New Beauty with Jaye Renee’

I had to wonderful opportunity to speak with Founder and CEO of CURLS(R), Mahisha Dellinger. CURLS(R) is an amazing, industry changing, natural hair care company. It is one of the most recognized natural hair care brands in North America, with over 40 products made with certified organic ingredients, multi-channel distribution including retail locations such as Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Duane Reed and over 200 professional salon boutiques across the US.

In this interview we discuss the founding of CURLS(R) and how it has paved the way for more inclusive beauty products and helped fuel the demand for healthier products. Mahisha also shares lessons she’s learned since she founded CURLS(R) in 2002 and her advice for beauty professionals. This is a great interview and I’m honored to have had the time to speak with such an intelligent, driven and purposed woman. Don’t miss this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’, listen right now or download to listen ASAP. You can find more about CURLS(R) at

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