How to Use the Power of Thank You To Grow Your Beauty Business

Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged. We can see that reflected in awards shows on television, graduation ceremonies and a host of other awards ceremonies for little league sports and awards for doing well on our jobs.  This video shares how to grow your businesses using “thank you” as a strategy to grow your business.  I recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the video but if you don’t have time, check out my notes below.

Because our desire to be acknowledged is so prevalent in our behaviors showing your appreciation is one of the number one ways you can not only increase client retention (what I call building a fence around your clients), it also serves as a powerful marketing tool to get you more clients by powering up your rate of referrals.

If you are not using thank you as a strategy to increase your business, be sure to get started today.

Here are a few ways that you can employ the power of thank you to power up your profits:

-Thank you Notes. (Personally handwritten)

-Gift baskets/packages for special events and milestone moments for your clients. You can write off the cost of this as a business expense under business development or marketing most often.  You should know your clients milestone moment and store them in your client management software. Birthdays are easiest, wedding days, engagements, anniversaries are top as well.

-Complimetary birthday services. This will cost you some time and some product but it will definitely be worth it in the end.  Everyone wants to feel extra special on your birthday you doing this for your clients will go a loooong way.

-Follow-up calls after visits to your business. Be sure that they are still loving their service, and ask if there is anything you can do better, and remind them of how to maintain their service at home.

-Follow-up notes. These can be in the form of written notes, cards or at the very least email.

-Client-only appreciation events.  People love Events and Events are great for building word of mouth buzz, creating an atmosphere of excitement within your business and helping your clients feel like VIP’s

These 6 things as simple as they are when implemented will make a huge difference in your business and the quality of the relationships you have with people who do business with you.

Remember most business owners are “”too busy” to take the time to acknowledge and show appreciation to their clients, this is your chance to set your self apart. Don’t miss this opportunity!

And with that I want to thank you for viewing these tips on how you use the power of thank you to build stronger relationships and power up your profits.

XOXO  -Jaye Renee’

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