How To Use An Assistant Effectively In The Beauty Industry

Hey guys, this is a training that I wanted to do as a reminder to those already working with assistants and

those who will in the future.  They could hair salon or beauty shop assistants, barbershop assistants, makeup assistants etc.  If you have a minute check out the video about, I believe it will be more helpful but if you do not have time here’s a brief overview of what I cover.  Really try to check out the video though, ok?

This is an important training because growth is extremely important to your business. That’s what you want, for your business to grow.  As you are growing though, be sure that you are maintaining the level of excellence and expertise that your clients have come to expect, respect and appreciate.

Assistants and people you train to work with you are a very important part of your business be sure, to give them, your clients and your business the respect it and they derserve by making sure your team is trained properly and encourage them to ​continue and proceed with their education outside of you as well.  So let’s get started.  For those of you who didn’t know, forgot, or do not take the time here are a few reminders to prevent your assistant from ruining your business and shares how to use assistants effectively in your business.
*Ideally your assistant should be one of a few things, at beauty school student (this includes all aspect of the beauty industry including barberschool), an apprentice that you are truly taking the time to properly educate in both professional theory and hands on work, or a licensed professional.

*If they are not enrolled in school or have not attended school put them through a 6-8 week course of your own to educate them on the fundamentals of hair, trichilogy, sanitation, correct shampooing technique and proper styling

*Educate them on how your business is run, explain their role in your business and how you both benefit from their assistant role.

*Do not assume they know what to do. Even if they have said they have been an assistant in a beauty business before. You don’t know how that business was operated or if it was successful. If you don’t step up, the blame is on you.  Now, it would be wonderful to hire someone and have them get to work right away knowing exactly what you ​want them to do but this is just not realistic.

*Here are a few main problem areas for assistants and where they can do
the most damage:

-During the wet service.  Not shampooing or conditioning properly or using the proper products for each client.

-Combing through and detangling. Be sure to train them hair, most of the damage done to your clients hair could be at the shampoo bowl during this wet service.  Don’t let it happen.

-Blow drying improperly.  This is another big one.  Proper drying knowledge and technique critical for maintaining the integrity of your ​clients hair.

-Customer service.  Again your assistant should know how your business is run and know that the satisfaction of your clients is the ultimate goal. They should know how to talk to your clients and maintain your standards of professionalism.

-Chemical devices. I do not recommend you allowing any unlicensed assistants to perform chemical sevices to help speed you through clients. Most states prohibit it and its unwise. Licensed professionals are licensed for a reason.  It’s ok if they are knowledgeable to prep and prepare materials but that’s it. There’s too much at stake.

Assistants are crucial to the growth ​of your business and a beauty professional, you cannot be in two places at once and growth and progression is what we are after.  And because they provide value to you be sure to provide value to them. Be sure to appreciate them and be sure to show your appreciation.

Encourage them to go further in their careers.  Be good to them and they will be good to you and your business.

XOXO -Jaye Renee’

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