As a professional in the beauty industry copywriting may not be a term you are commonly familiar with but you should be.

As a Beauty Industry Expert part of my expertise is writing copy.  “Copy”, in the sense I mean here has the following definitions:

a : matter to be set especially for printing
b : something considered printable or newsworthy
c : text especially of an advertisement

You can remember copy in these simple terms, copy is used to sell something.  Period.  Copy for the news and/or an article is used to sell an idea or to sell information to those who are reading it.  Copy for an advertisement is used to sell a product or service and also to build a brand.  Copy is used in a resume to sell your talents and abilities to someone looking to offer you a job.

Got it?  Great.

What does copy have to do you with you as a beauty professional or a business owner?  Everything!  Your website has copy!  Your brochures have copy!  Even your business cards have copy!  Your social media post have copy and even your emails have copy.  All of these places and many others where you have information that you would ordinarily consider, plain text,  from this moment it is imperative that you understand that it is not that!  IT’S COPY!

All of the information in those places are there with the specific purpose to SELL you, and your products and services to people looking for them.  It is necessary and purposeful.

The difference between traditional filler text and copy is that copy is designed to get someone to DO something.

Copywriting is a service offered to my clients because you may not always know the exact words to say to get your message across the way you want to.   I provide quality customized copywriting services designed around the your goals to increase income or raise awareness for your products, services or brand.

If you’ve read all of this, I’ve done my job 🙂  And they say that now days people have a 140 character attention span! HAH!  It’s not true, you just need to keep them interested by understanding what they find INTERESTING!

Ready to fire words that aren’t doing their job?   Ready to employ hard-working, thought provoking, wallet-opening copy instead?  Use my contact page or simply send me an email at