How To Deal With Difficult Clients

In this episode, I share how to deal with difficult clients in various situations during the 4 stages of your appointment.

  1. Inquiry
  2. Pre-Appointment
  3. Appointment
  4. Post-Appointment

Have late clients? Confused clients? Lazy clients? Hard-headed clients? If so, this episode is for you. I’ll share how to deal with them effectively without it adversely effecting your business.  Learn how to deal to deal with difficult clients, late clients, unsatisfied clients, hard-headed clients and more.

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The New Beauty With Jaye Renee Podcast Is Back With New Episodes

I’m very happy to say that the “New Beauty with Jaye Renee'” podcast will be back this Monday with a new episode! On this episode I will discuss the following:

*How to deal with difficult clients.
*How and when to fire them if necessary.
*How to deal with late clients.
*How to deal with unsatisfied clients.
…and much more. I’ll share how to do all this if necessary in a way that doesn’t negatively effect your business.

As always if you have any questions, email them to me or DM on Instagram @BeautyIndustryJaye

The Myths of the beauty Industry: What They are and How You Can Avoid Them


There are Myths about the Beauty Industry. Falsehoods, incorrect theories and assumptions that just aren’t true. Unfortunately, there are many do not know that these things are in fact Myths, to them they are truths, they believe them and once believed they have the ability to ruin your career in this industry.

So on this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’, I share what those falsehoods are and share the actual truth behind them.

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What Is Your Purpose And Why It Is Important

What’s your purpose? That always feels like a loaded question, especially if it’s not something you typically ask yourself.

In business and well as in your personal life it is critical to your success and your growth to know what it is that drives you.  Also what keeps you pushing and what makes your experiences worth it.

In this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’ I share why it’s important to have a purpose, how to identify them and how to use this knowledge to better understand yourself and others. Don’t be fooled this isn’t important only on a personal level but is critical to the success of your business as well.

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A New Year For Beauty Industry Professionals

Happy New Year Beauty Industry Professionals! Wishing you a fantastic 2018! As I look back, I’m amazed at all that I’ve accomplished and learned thought out the crazy year 2017 was for me. And because of all that I’ve learned and come to understand myself I am truly looking forward to and amazing and fulfilling 2018!

Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet in the beauty industry and beyond??? Let’s go.

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Net Neutrality for Beauty Industry Professionals: What You Need to Know

On this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’ I share what the potential loss of net neutrality could mean for beauty industry professionals.

This episode is meant to get you thinking and planning! How would you operate if this essential thing was taking away from you? Could your business survive if your audience disappeared overnight?

More important that what could happen is what you should be doing right now in your business to ensure it’s continued success and growth, on this episode I share what you need to be doing as well.

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How To Write And Publish Your Beauty Industry Book

Do you want to write and publish a book? On this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’, I share with you just how to do that.

What’s covered in this episode:
1. Planning your book
2. Writing your content
3. Outlining your content
4. Protecting your book
5. Cover design & artwork
6. Typesetting & editing
7. Distribution
8. Publishing
9. The book launch or announcement

This is a must listen to podcast with lots of great tips and information. Get your pen and notebook ready!

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Beauty Industry Advice: Things that stop you from reaching your goals

To be a successful beauty industry professional not only will you need to work to keep your business thriving and in order but you need to keep yourself thriving and in order! After all without you there is no business and no success to be had.

Because December is the time of year most people take time to reflect over their accomplishments (or lack thereof) from the past year, and also the time when people begin to plan for their next year and beyond. When looking to move forward in any area of your life you must be aware of these 6 things that can keep you from reaching your goals.

They are:
1. Not thinking you’re smart enough
2. Not thinking you’re talented enough
3. You’ve tried before and failed
4. Don’t see how you can do it
5. Don’t know how to proceed
6. Never done anything like it before.

Listen to this newest episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee’ to see how you can and why you need to overcome them.

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