Beauty Industry Expert Jaye Renee’ Says Clients Don’t Want What You Want

This is a great training.  As always, I strongly recommend you watch the video to get the most out of all the information.  But if for some reason, you can’t watch it at the moment I have included some notes below.  If you have questions or need any help, let me know.

Why you may want to consider location and the products and services you offer based on what your customers want vs. what you want much of the time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

When you have a business, yes it’s your perogitive to run as you wish. But if you want that business to be successful you have to keep in mind that to a degree the customer calls the shots. They decide to spend money or not to spend money. If they spent a lot of money your business becomes successful if a little or none at all then you have a problem on your hands. So it is in your best interest to offer products and services that clients and potential future clients would want.

You can have a favorite dish or be nostalgic about a certain place, time period or product/ service but observe and respect the customers feedback….you will get it even if you don’t ask via sales or no sales.

I watched two shows a few weeks ago that had people who owned businesses that should have been focusing on what the clients want but instead they were focused on what they wanted. As a result one was failing miserably and costing the owners money and the other wasn’t doing as well as it could have been doing because they were fixated on what they wanted and not the customers even when they received customer feedback.

Without going into too much detail the 1st business owner refused to listed to the very feedback she asked for and refused to offer some of the post popular selections in her industry.  Now her business was profitable but not nearly as much as it could have been because she was more focused on what she wanted than what the people who were paying.

Now the other business was failing miserably, the main owner had a flawed business concept from the beginning with a business that catered to people who wanted food from his homeland.  The problem?  He was nostalgic and focused what he would have wanted and not the customers.  He was blind because of his own childhood, this he misses and things that remind him of home.

Here’s a hint if you want tap into the power of nostalgia, you have to get into the head of your desired and targeted customer you can’t and should not expect them to jump into yours.

The real take away: your clients are not 100% interested in what you want and you should take time to factor in what they want and what they are willing to spend money on.  There are staple products and services that are no-brainers in every industry for a reason.  In business it is the people that determine what’s profitable and what’s not.  Keep their wants and needs in mind if you want to be successful.

If you need help with anything let me know….XOXO -Jaye Renee’

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