about jaye reneeJaye Renee is a recognized expert on the Beauty Industry. A highly sought after author, educator, speaker, licensed stylist and beauty industry expert who has been seen in or on USA Today, Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, International Business Times, CBS Moneywatch.com, a variety of radio shows and more. She is a truly gifted entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping people serious about success improve the quality of their businesses and their lives by helping them turn ideas in to dollars and red into black on their bottom lines.  She is an expert consultant to be called upon to gain insight on the purpose and the inner workings of the beauty industry as well as a coach & educator to beauty industry professionals.

As a consultant and marketing expert she is the person to see when your business is in need of a boost in profits.  As a speaker, Jaye shares her shoot-straight-from-the-hip, heartfelt and practical messages with her audiences like a long lost sister, providing them with eye-opening truths, motivation and know how to succeed in spite of any circumstance.  As a coach, Jaye Renee’ prides herself on having business owners take a deeper look into their businesses, showing them hidden treasures within the business along with their customer’s true motivation to do business with them.

As a publisher the visionary is thinking even bigger, helping her community become truly reflective and representative of its textured culture. She strives to celebrate, uplift and speak directly to the members of her community who feel ignored. To provide a recognition rich culture that reproduces itself and multiplies the attitude of abundance.  With such great responsibilities to live up to Jaye is just excited about having more opportunities to both learn and share her knowledge. Primarily interested in helping others see the value in themselves; Jaye feels that boxing yourself in is not an option. Jaye is the self-proclaimed buck the system kind of woman whose mission is it to share ideas and draw out the value in others and to be an example that nothing can hold you back from what you want to be or do.